Thank you for taking the time to find me. Truely, in a sea of jewelry on the internet, your presence is deeply appreciated, I hope our creations speak to you and help you show the world who you are. 

I didn't set out to become a jeweler, but it's best to follow your strengths and sometimes our strengths surprise us.  Sometimes the strengths that carry us into the future, the ones that carry us into amazingness are that ones that felt impossible until you start doing it. 

I have been studying rocks and gems since I was a little little kid. Devouring information on volcanoes and plate tectonics before hitting the 4th grade and continuing my studies at a local college in a program designed for kids with science proclivities. My studies have followed me into adulthood and I am currently engaged in field research and metaanalysis surrounding the birthplace of the Yellowstone Hotspot. 

What does this mean for you? It means I not only know my rocks on a scientific level, but we also prospect and mine our own exclusive deposits, allowing us to bring to you some of the most unique rocks you have ever seen and this makes me happy to be able to serve you in this manner. There are too many undereducated people selling treated and artificial stones without the knowledge to even know it, with us, you can rest easy that you are getting exactly what we say you are getting. This is really important to me.